Grain2Pixel it’s a based Photoshop app, made to deal with digital camera film scans in batch mode or in file-by-file mode. Check out this quick video.

Really easy to use, on both Windows and Mac, it will allow you to convert the raw digital camera scans or scanners DNG files directly into positive images. Take a quick view on how most common film stocks and some motion picture stocks could look scanned with a digital camera could and converted with Grain2Pixel.

What is it?

Grain2Pixel it’s a Photoshop based app which allows digital camera scans and traditional scanner TIFF/DNG to be loaded and converted in positive scans avoiding Adobe Camera Raw. During my tests I realized the ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) it’s changing the raw file while opening, making irreversible changes which are a real pain to counteract.  ACR is a tool designed for real digital photography and in conjunction with normal digital pictures is a very powerful tool, but not with film scans, unfortunately.

How it works?

The workflow it’s pretty simple, but you’ll have to watch the guideline videos for a better understanding.

Which software/OS is compatible with?

  • Windows
  • Mac OS (requires some manual settings to allow the app to read/write files on disk)
  • Photoshop CC 2019 and above

For Mac OSx, some permissions needs to be manually added in order to allow the app to read and write files on disk. Check this video made by a friend of mine, who is a MacOS power user.