Here you can download Grain2Pixel Standard Edition. Watch the videos from Guidelines page in order to install it, launch it and use it.

Download Grain2Pixel 5.3.0

  • improved Fuji raw files support (RAF files), fast conversion
  • fixed some distortion thumbnails in contact sheet generator.

Download Grain2Pixel 5.3.4

  • fixed Photoshop language issue

If you find this plugin useful for your photography, please don’t be afraid to donate using the PayPal button. You will support the plugin and future development 🙂

Download Grain2Pixel 5.3.5

  • CR3 Canon raw files are supported now
  • Reset plugin preferences button added
  • various bug fixes

Download Grain2Pixel 5.3.8

  • new conversion engine
  • new Smart and Extra CCR algorithms;
  • new Light Cast Correction (LCC) algorithm;
  • scanner files scanned in Grayscale mode for black and white are now fully supported;
  • new UI handle : custom subfolder option for “Save in same location”
  • bug fixes;

Download Grain2Pixel  (for Win64 and newer macOS version 10.15)

Download Grain2Pixel  (for Win64 and older macOS version 10.13 and 10.14)

  • new language UI bugs fixed

Note : Windows users can download any from the above, there is no difference for them, all newer camera formats are supported. Only macOS users should choose between download links according with their macOS version. For those who are not aware, macOS version 10.13 is High Sierra and 10.14 is Mojave, while 10.15 is Catalina. MacOS 10.15 uses the last raw decoder, so Canon CR3 raw files will be handled nicely. Older macOS versions will use the previous raw decoder and Canon CR3 files are not supported. So if you use macOS 10.13 and you are scanning on CR3 , you’ll need to either to upgrade to Catalina or scan in any other supported format (ARW, RAF, NEF, CR2, etc) .

For any kind of problems, please email me at You can also join the facebook group if you want to connect with the other users which are already using it.